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Eco-Visionaries: Shaping a Sustainable Future at Project Apōpō

At Project Apōpō, we are forging a path towards a sustainable and equitable future for Aotearoa New Zealand by embracing a low-carbon circular economy. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is not just a promise—it's a practice woven into every facet of our operations.

Climate Actions

Centrally located in mid-Northland, our office is strategically placed to efficiently manage projects across the region. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we provide facilities such as showers and secure bike storage, promoting commuting by bike among our team. We also facilitate local travel in Kerikeri with an office e-bike, supporting both environmental goals and team well-being.

Understanding the importance of reducing travel, we embraced flexible working arrangements even before it became a necessity during the pandemic. We prioritise online meetings, particularly for long distances, helping cut down on emissions significantly. Although not formally certified as carbon neutral, our proactive steps include operating a fleet of 100% electric vehicles and using electric car-sharing services like Zilch when our EVs aren’t available.

Waste Reduction

In our office, we’ve eliminated the need for a printer, opting instead for electronic report delivery to reduce paper waste. Our waste management strategy includes well-marked recycling bins and the composting of organic waste. We are diligent about collecting and properly disposing of hard-to-recycle materials, like batteries.

Supporting Nature Regeneration

We actively participate in the regeneration of nature through regular staff volunteering days at local restoration projects. These initiatives provide our team with a tangible connection to the environmental efforts we support. Additionally, we aid the Kerikeri Army Cadets, helping maintain the Te Araroa trail by providing necessary resources such as new boots.

Thoughtful Procurement

Our procurement strategy is built around thoughtful consumption. We repair and upgrade items wherever possible and prioritise second-hand purchases, which not only reduces waste but also supports local charities like All Heart NZ. We encourage our suppliers to adopt product stewardship principles and opt for local purchases to minimise transport emissions and packaging waste.

At Project Apōpō, we are constantly learning and adapting, acknowledging that there is always room for improvement in our journey towards sustainability. Our efforts extend beyond our internal operations and into our project work, creating a holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

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